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What is a 1kw solar system? 

What is a 1kw solar system? 

1kw solar power system consists of polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels that have inverter efficiency of more than 97% and module efficiency over 17% . These panels collect clean and sufficient renewable energy from sunlight and convert the energy into electricity. They comprise several individual power cells which are composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus, and boron. Both silicon and phosphorus provide a negative charge and boron offers a positive charge. An electric current is generated as soon as the panel absorbs photons from the circuit. These electric currents then allow electrons to be knocked out of their atomic orbits and released into the electric field generated by the solar cells and pull these free electrons into a directional current.

This whole process is called the Photovoltaic Effect. You must ensure that your solar panel is situated at the place where the panels can receive the maximum amount of sunlight in order to produce sufficient energy to fulfill all your electrical needs, especially during night hours. Further, your inverter and panel batteries play a major role in the smooth and effective functioning of your solar panels, the solar array transfers direct current (DC) electricity through the controller to the battery bank and then the power is drawn from these applications to the inverter. Then the inverter converts the DC energy to alternating current (AC) that can be utilized for non-DC appliances.

What are the benefits of the 1kw solar panel? 

Here we have mentioned some prominent benefits of using these solar panels for your home or buildings

1. Reduce Power Bill

Monthly power bills and the cost of fuels can be quite overwhelming for most homeowners. With home solar panels you can reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%. This unique set of power systems is designed in such a way that it uses solar energy to produce electricity in huge amounts and with the help of the net metering system, you only have to pay for the deficit of power consumed.

2. Generate your own power 

1kw solar power units can operate even in rainy seasons. These units can absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight during rainy seasons and generate your own electricity effortlessly. For small homes, you can enjoy 24 hours electricity supply even on days when sunlight is not available.

3. Easy to install and affordable

Most 1000 watts solar panels price in india are available at a reasonable and affordable range. Along with that, install these panels as they have no moving parts so you need not worry about your roof getting damaged during the installation process. They can last for decades and don’t require much maintenance.

What are the components of a solar system? 

A 1kw home solar powers unit consists of the following components

Solar panel- It is one of the most major components of your system. This part of the unit is used in absorbing sun rays as the source of energy for generating electricity. Solar panels are generally made of metals resistant to moisture and rust.

Solar Inverter- This part of the solar unit is also known as a PV inverter. It is used in converting the variable direct current (DC) into a utility frequency altering current. This current can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by the locals for an off-grid electricity supply.

Solar Battery– Solar battery banks play an important part in converting solar radiation into electricity. If your battery bank gets outdated or damaged then it can affect the function of other solar parts as well.

Mounting structure and accessories- Mounting structure is a supporting structure that holds your solar panels or arrays to the ground. Accessories such as brackets, tools, mounts, and other items complete a solar system set up in your home.

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